Female athlete doing a complicated exciting trick on gymnastics balance beam in a professi

Premium Gymnastic Programme

Enhancing Excellence
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La Retraite School

Atkins Road

SW12 0AB


Weekly Every Sunday 

£220 a month

3-16year olds


Weekly Every Sunday 

£130 a month

3-16year olds

This is excellent for gymnast that would like to learn the skills of becoming a professional gymnast. The programme is designed for gymnast of all abilities to learn all gymnastic moves and learn new skills whilst perfecting the craft. This would also benefit young people in other athlete fields such as cheerleading, football, boxing etc

  • Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence. 

  • Provides Social Interaction with Peers.  

  • Teaches Goal Setting.

  • Helps You Develop Coordination. 

  • Improves Flexibility. 

  • Helps Develop Strength and Power.

  • Teaches Listening and Learning Skills. 

Gymnastic Skills that will be taught

Forward Roll

Backward Roll

Front Walkover

Handstand Forward Roll

Back Tuck

Back Pike

Back Layout

Whip Back

Front Pike

Front Layout

Back Layout 1/2

Back Layout 1/1


Back Walk Over

Aerial Cartwheel

Front Handspring

Back Handspring

Front Tuck

Back Extension Roll

Round Off



Walking Handstand

There is so much more gymnastic skills that your child will learn. A gymnastic portfolio will be given to your child to document progress.